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The day I decided to cut my hair

3 years ago 4515 Views No comments
The day I decided to cut my hair

A little more than a year ago, I had long hair. We are not talking about « Rapunzel » length, but yes, relatively long. I had tried many colors, but when it was time to touch the length, I was like a mama bear wanting to protect her young.

Finally, the famous "lob" had fallen into vogue. I was tempted. Cut my hair ... or not. And then poof, a need for change. The kind of change when you want to change everything. I first went to see Christina, my hairdresser. She cut a few inches, more than the centimeter that I allowed before.

Subsequently, a quote came from Coco Chanel that gave me a little boost to try something new. It said, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life". July 2015, my hair no longer touched my shoulders.

As I went home and watched television, « Keeping Up with the Kardashians » was playing. The Kardashian sisters with their extremely long, thick beautiful hair. I had tears in my eyes. What had I done? When I tied my hair, they were so short that I had that little rat tail that was dangling in the back.

After 48 hours, I was past the shock of having cut my hair. I began to love my hairstyle. Not only liked, but LOVED it. If you are not ready for a major change, go for it in baby steps ... a few inches at a time.

I also had to change some beauty styling tricks, but nothing dramatic. Certainly I dropped the ponytails, the "fish braid" and at first my bun had a little less impact. We learn to manage our hair differently, to try new hairstyles, and go see « Pinterest » for medium length hairstyles.

You know, having shorter hair has its benefits. They are shorter to wash, dry and style.

Sometimes I have a few relapses. Ask Maude about it, I rattle on that I would like to have some extensions, but it passes.

One word: Dare