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What, you wash your hair once a week?

4 years ago 4922 Views No comments
 What, you wash your hair once a week?

YES without hesitation. Honestly, it's almost become a task (difficult) to wash my hair. Yet coquette of the quilt, this is the part I hate the most. Yes, I wash my hair once a week 1 (say five days), despite the heat, my training and all other incidentals. I have the face of some of my friends in mind when I mention my washing frequency. I started space my washing when I was in college and I was living with my best friend [Marie-Christine] who was washing her hair ... once a week! Here are some tips for space your washings and believe me, there are benefits!

Do it step by step!

At the beginning of my process, I was washing my

hair EVERY day. I then started to wash my hair every second day. Then a three

... and so on. Be patient, move from one to five days took about 1 year. We

must allow time for our hair to get used to our new routine and it is gradually

going there, you will succeed successfully.

The arrival of the dry shampoos

The arrival of the popularity of dry shampoo is relatively new. During my "transition" dry shampoos were little known. Now they are essential to our capillary kit. There is now no more reason to wash your hair every day! Incorporate the dry shampoo to your routine on days when you do not wash your hair. I often do not use the first 2-3 days, and then I apply it (sometimes 2-3 consecutive days). More you stagger your washing days, more space you will gain between your dry shampoos days.

* To read our blog on the test bench on dry shampoos.

Change your hairstyle

I have a very orderly routine for my hair. Freshly

washed, I let it smooth. The more time goes by, the more I tightened the friz

to finally make a bun. The hair always seems less greasy when they are curly or

attached. For some of you who have rushed mornings, you think surely you do not

have time to curl your hair. The first morning is often the most

"long", the subsequent morning, I'm only a few strands curl. For the

bun morning, a 2 minutes and it’s done!


By washing your hair less often, you will keep

your color longer. In addition, it saves you time (washing / drying / etc.). I

also find that my hairstyles look better when they are not freshly washed.